11 abr 19

Seminar “Disruptive technologies in coffee production”

The 20th Annual Seminar of the Università del Caffè Brazil was held on April 4, 2019 at FEA / USP in São Paulo.
During the seminar, the studies developed in 2018 by UdC Brazil were presented. They are:
• Disruptive technologies in coffee production
• Verticalization in coffee cultivation
• Climate Change, Agriculture and Coffee: Identification of Research Directions in Brazil
• Illycaffè and Flexible Strategies: A Case of a Resilient Company

The webinar also had the Keynote Lecture “Virtuous agriculture: A new R&D strategy for a regenerative and beneficial agriculture” of illycaffè’s president, Dr. Andrea Illy.

The recording of the event can be viewed at: https://www.eventials.com/FIA/seminar-disruptive-technologies-in-coffee-production/



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